Apr 1 2014

Ohayocon Crowded Elevator Missed Connection

I was wearing a black shirt that basically read, “Looking for a Japanese girlfriend,” in Japanese. It was a very crowded Ohayocon elevator on the hotel side of the Convention Center and you asked if you could read my shirt. You read it and said that you could read Japanese, then asked if that would suffice. I said it would, but then my floor came and I never got the chance to ask for your number.

I keep hoping to see you at another con, but I haven’t had any luck yet. Maybe one day you will search for a missed connection and find this article. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for you.

Nov 14 2011

Al Bhed Translator Update

I appreciate all the feedback I have been getting from users of the Al Bhed translator. I am just making this quick post to let you guys know that it is not dead, I am still planning several more features soon. Please be patient and thanks again for your support.

Jun 16 2011

Windows 7 System Restore Deleted All My Files

Performed a system restore? Your files are not lost.
Windows hides files after system restore.

For those who don’t want to read the whole story:

Windows 7 (at least the 64 bit version) seems to hide your files after a system restore.

I am not sure what causes this behavior and if it even happens every time or just occasionally, but I do know that is what happened to me and I figure it will help at least one other poor soul.

Now on to the story:

Last week my sister came to me with an issue of some annoying malware causing popups on her Windows 7 x64 laptop. I usually prefer to get rid of things like this with an appropriate anti-virus or other quality solution, but in this case as I sat down to review the issue plaguing her system, the virus restarted the machine. I knew it was hooking up a rootkit or some other nastiness, so I had to move before windows restarted. I don’t usually opt for system restore to remove viruses, but in this case I figured it would give me a little more time if I undid what it did and then proceed.

So I chose to hold F8 and go into safe mode to prevent the virus hooking its fangs too deep. I opted to system restore to about a week before to where my sister indicated there were no issues. I assured her that system restore wouldn’t delete her files.

As it turns out, Windows did its best to make a liar out of me. At first glance into My Documents, all of her files – pictures, videos, word docs, everything – were gone. Now I knew this just couldn’t be so I did some quick Googling and found a few people saying that Windows will move the files into the admin user’s documents because system restore operates as admin. Well this kind of made sense, so I took a look. Nay. There were no docs to be found on the whole drive. Did several advanced searches for *.jpg expecting to find at least a hint of where they went, but to no avail.

To make a long and annoying story somewhat shorter, I ended up switching the folder options over to show hidden files and damned if the files weren’t exactly where they were initially, just hidden!


So I hope my rant helps someone. Best of luck to you.

Jan 30 2011

It has been a while . . .

Hello all, I am back with some news.

For those interested in the Al Bhed translator, I am hearing your comments and complaints and have a new version in the works. It will hopefully include a helpful pronunciation guide as well as some other tips for the Al Bhed language. Feel free to send me your input.

Next, I am a bit of an audiophile, so I plan to create a media organizer suite / tool – I haven’t decided yet – to help organize those tunes. I have seen many media organizers, but none have the features and simplicity that I am looking for, so I have decided to create one myself. I plan to integrate several 3rd party tools as well, to help level volume and provide additional / missing metadata.

I will also be posting information on a few of my favorite multimedia tools here shortly, as time permits.

Next, this may seem random, but I have come across a large collection of addon cars for the old game Gearhead Garage by Mekada / Ratloop. It is several hundred megabytes – nearly all of the addon cars ever created for the game, but I love the game and hope to keep it alive so I will be uploading that to the server for sharing to all shortly. If I don’t get around to it soon enough for you, drop me a line if you’re interested and I will get it up.

Finally, some friends and I are trying to get funding and support for an Apocalyptic simulation game. I will be setting up a website at 0hourgame.com (that’s a number zero) with details and posts from the developers as soon as my life grants me the opportunity.

Hope all is well with you. Enjoy life, make the most of it while you can.

Dec 30 2010

Al Bhed Translator v1.1 to be released

Al Bhed TranslatorAfter reviewing the comments I have received on my Al Bhed Translator for Android, I have decided to implement some new features.

New to version 1.1:

  • Translate from Al Bhed to English
  • Increased Algorithm Efficiency
  • Slightly better UI

The new version will be released shortly, probably by the end of the day today.  Let me know how you like it.

Dec 23 2010

Android App Release: Al Bhed Translator v1.0


Market Link for Android Phone

I have released version 1.0 of my Al Bhed translator app for Android phones.  It is nothing complex right now, just translates from English to Al Bhed.  If I get some good reviews and recommendations, I will make the app much more complex as requests for additional features are posted.

For those who do not know what Al Bhed is, I will be posting about that shortly.

Oct 13 2010

Everyone can get an FBI GPS Tracker, It’s Easy!

If you haven’t heard, it’s getting easier and easier every day to get the FBI to put a GPS tracking device on your car.  This poor fellow had one put on his car simply because he is a friend of someone who wrote an obscure, facetious post about how easy it would be to bomb a mall.

The sad part is that the FBI seems to have so much time on their hands that they can sit and read a thousand blogs for anything that simply says, “bomb.”  Can you imagine how safe our country would be if they got up off their asses and tracked real criminals?

Read Bruce Schneier’s post for more information.

Oct 6 2010

Google Sharing: Anonymity

Would you like to be able to use Google’s services without worrying about your activities being tracked and given to the government or whatever other entity might want to know about you in the future?

Check out Google Sharing by hacker and security analyst, Moxie Marlinspike.

With a simple Firefox add-on, you can now use Google’s site without fear of undesirable side effects in the future.  Nearly every feature of Google can be anonymized – except for those that obviously require a specific user, such as gmail.  The great thing about this plugin is that it knows what should be anonymized and what shouldn’t.  You simply search the web and do things as you normally would on Google’s site, and the Google Sharing plugin will indicate in the lower corner of your browser that it is securing your searches.

So how does this work?  The Google Sharing service will do several simple steps to make your Google experience more private.  First, it will strip your personal cookies from your search and encrypt it through SSL, then it will send your search through a proxy that will mix it up with other searches so that Google cannot tell who actually sent the search.  This is why the service is called Google Sharing.

No one can see your search terms except Google, since it can be encrypted, and then Google can only see the search terms, not who sent it.

For more info:

Blog by Andy Greenberg

Sep 10 2010

Android Apps

I’ve decided to begin developing android apps.  If anyone has any requests, please send them along.

If you send me an android app idea and I decide to create your app I will give you a copy without ads and free of charge.

Aug 27 2010

Bentley Continental Supersports Exhaust Note

This is the single most amazing sound I ever ever heard.  Now I’ve heard a Bentley Continental GT as it wasted me before and it sounded awesome, but this takes the cake.  Take care to hear the turbo in the first few seconds of the clip.